The Project of "Promotion of Scientific Research Cooperation and High-level Talent Training with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America" Approved2022-01-08 The 2020 Annual Technical Committee Meeting of Engineering Research Center for Industrial Microbiology of MOE and National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for the Fermentation Technology of Industrial Microbiology Held Successfully2022-01-08 The 2020 Annual Working Conference of Fujian Association of Higher Education Held at FNU2021-12-31 Confucius Institute at University of Al Azhar Indonesia Holds the 10th Board Meeting2021-12-31 FNU Organizes 2020 Fuzhou Academic Conference of CSBMB 2021-12-31 Confucius Institute at Angeles University Foundation in the Philippines Holds the 10th Board Meeting2021-12-21 Philippine President Sends a Letter of Congratulation on the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of the Confucius Institute Jointly Established by FNU and AUF2021-12-20 The 100th Issue of Journal of Chinese Writing Systems & International Academic Seminar on Grammatology Held at FNU2021-12-17 The 2020 Annual Academic Committee Meeting of the State Key Laboratory for Humid Subtropical Eco-Geographical Processes of the Ministry of Education Successfully Held2021-12-10 Prof. Li Jianping and Other Scholars Attend the 1st Forum on SPECC in a New Era2021-11-26 FNU Achieves Excellent Results in the Finals of College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition2021-11-26 The 6th National Forum on Marxist Ethics Held at FNU2021-11-22 The 22nd Annual Conference of Chinese Association for CAPITAL Studies2021-11-22 Researcher Zhu Yu Addresses the Roundtable Forum by UN- Habitat on “World Cities Report 2020”2021-11-19

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